​​​​​​Welcome!, Since its Charter in 1919, The American Legion has been welcoming Veterans from all branches of the Armed Forces.

Today, we continue to welcome all military personnel serving our county. Joining San Juan Capistrano Post 721 enables you to continue serving God, Country and community.

SJC Post 721 was formed in 1946 by a group of World War I and World War II veterans. Meetings are held on the 3rd Monday every month at the Nydegger Bldg. There is a social at 6:00 PM followed by our meeting at 7:00 PM. Our food committee prepares a BBQ

steak dinner, with baked beans , salad, rolls, salsa and chips for $5.00 per person. We have a full bar, water, beer, wine, bourbon, etc. Bring your own plate,fork and knife. We have supplies available if needed.

"Why you should belong"                                                                                                              Preamble to the Constitution

I guess that we ask when it comes to this or any                                                                          

organization. With everything that we have to do in our lives, why                         

would any one want to spend their time, monies and energy                                          

joining another organization.                                                                                           


Valid questions. WHY? I believe when you afford yourself the                                                                                                                               time to read the following, you will see.                                                        


"Why you should belong"

Over the 90+  years since our formation, we have had a major

influence on the course of American history. The GI Bill, written

and named by Legionnaires,  provides education, economic, small

business and home ownership assistance to all veterans who qualify.

The American Legion is our voice in Washington. W continue to work

with our elected  officials at all levels of government to restore veterans

benefits and upgrade those benefits so that those who served and their

​families will be taken care of , just as they were promised.

We also are taking care of our future, our children. We have programs

that focus on education, drug awareness, child literacy scouting, baseball

and flag education. There is something for everyone.

An American Legion Post is basically, Americans taking care of Americans.

As a Legion member, you will open an unending catalog of opportunities,

to expand your life and utilize your unique talents. 


            The American Legion

For God and country we associate ourselves

together for the following purposes;

To uphold and defend the Constitution of the 

United States of America;

To maintain Law and Order;

To foster and perpetuate a one hundred percent Americanism;

To preserve the memories and incidents of our

associations in the Great, Wars;

To inculcate a sense of individual obligation to

the community, state and nation;

To combat the autocracy of both the classes and the masses;

To make right the master of might;

To promote peace and goodwill on earth;

To safeguard and transmit to posterity the principals of justice, freedom and democracy;

To consecrate and sanctify our comradeship by

​our devotion to mutual helpfulness.